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Construction / Installation

Whatever the project requires; GPC’s team of experts and skilled workers are capable of providing this essential step towards the completion of projects. As our portfolio suggests we have taken on various projects requiring many stages of construction such as site foundations and structures buildings, installation of various types and space buildings for various necessities within the projects concerning Energy, Oil and Gas and Water Treatment industries.


installation in equipment installation, the work must be precise, must meet deadlines, special preparations must be taken and this work is often done in confined areas. This type of work should be handled by experts. GPC has the expertise to perform all the above activities. Our capability ranges from supervision to complete turn-key installation on projects of all sizes. Whether your installation involves new equipment or if you need to move existing equipment, we can help. GPC, as the manufacturer and service provider, constantly looks to enhance the quality of the products and services provided.

Commissioning & Start up:

Startup and commissioning activities of a steam generating or environmental equipment control system will directly influence the ultimate success of an entire project. GPC, has expert and the resources to perform effective, safe and efficient startup plan for the projects.

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