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With state-of-the-art testing and analysis technology and an experienced engineering team, GPC can reduce cost and save time for its customers by providing complete, one-stop engineering support and services for refurbishment.

In case purchase of a part is costlier in comparison with refurbishment, costumers prefer to have the defected part refurbished to the quality of a new part. GPC combines years of expertise with the utilization of world’s leading technologies to provide customers with unique competitive advantages. Refurbishment is the most efficient solution in dealing with damaged parts of gas turbines including Combustion Chamber (liners, Cross fire, Transition piece and etc.) and Hot Gas Path components (nozzles, buckets). The process of renewing such parts of the gas turbine heavily consumes both time and resources and this makes refurbishment a more satisfactory solution in dealing with damaged gas turbine parts. In addition, this department prepares engineering repair specifications for other power plant components and has the ability to supervise and control all of the processes in accordance with quality management systems. All successful executed works of our company in the area of Energy and Power can clearly show the capability and knowledge of our company to conduct and perform any kind of refurbishment in this field.


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