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Operation & maintenance / Major Overhaul

Meanwhile the maintenance works should be performed at suitable times in precise schedules to guarantee the minimum amount of down time. The operation and maintenance of any plant facility determines the effectiveness of that facility. Operation should be conducted in a way to allow for the optimal performance in that facility while also assuring the efficiency, cost effectiveness, reliability and security.

Overhaul: The power generation industry is trying to keep up with the fast growing demand. This has been made more difficult with the ageing facilities at work today which are not able to perform at their fullest and therefore are not helping in meeting the demands as they are supposed to. Overhaul of these mentioned used units allows these units to once again to be able to perform optimally and allows these units to increase their contribution to the generation of power. GPC has been involved with many projects concerning the overhaul of ageing units and has been successful in restoration of these units so as to enable these units to perform at their optimal capacity.

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