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Procurement / Procurement Engineering

GPC has an extensive experience to produce, manufacture or purchase various equipment and spare parts of Energy & Power industries. Using excellent relationship with world class manufacturers and our vast experience in such projects GPC is able to deliver the requested items with great quality in a timely manner and with the lowest prices all around the Middle East compared to Western Companies.

QC: In GPC Quality is defined as fulfilling specification or customer satisfaction and we endeavor to assure quality with regularly checking and testing of products in production and transportation phases according to all the latest international standards. GPC, as the manufacturer and service provider, constantly looks to enhance the quality of the products and services provided.

Procurement Engineering: When an equipment or system is not fully specific to our customer’s need, we focus on applying the most suitable technology and invest in selective R&D in order to provide our customers with the best engineering and supply them with the parts needed.


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